Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cute Coffee Table

I've been working on the assembly line today. Before photos, sanding, priming and tomorrow, we paint. My mind is running 110 miles an hour with projects, I just can't shut it down. We have a garden event coming up in mid May at the shop and I have some really cool potting benches I can't wait to get started on. Of course I will be sharing throughout the process.

My huband and I visited a local yardsale last weekend. This is a home that during the summer has yard sales almost every weekend. I think he must buy storage units or something; otherwise I don't know how he could possibly have so much. Anyway, I bought a $5 ottoman from him that day. There were a lot of other things I would have loved, but I am too cheap. I try not to pay over $20 for things. Sometimes I stretch it up to $50 but even that is out of my comfort zone.

Well, late Sunday night we were on our way home from grabbing one of my Craislist finds when we passed Mr. Yardsales house. It was past dark, but we could tell there was a pile of goodies outside of the fence. We turned around after doing a double take and sure enough it was a rather large pile of items I had passed up earlier in the day with a "Free" sign propped up in the middle of it. At this point I was practically salivating at the opportunity. Dear Hubby loaded 3/4 of the pile into the back of the truck and home we went.

I scored a set of four little caned chairs that need some love, an old victrolla cabinet, a dovetailed wooden box, some old picture frames, and another chair that is screaming plant something in me. All for free! Don't you just love these kind of days?! I sure do.

Tonight I am sharing with you a coffee table redo that I aquired from the local Goodwill. I had a $10 voucher so it cost me a whopping $4.99! All it needed was a new coat of paint in white to liven her up for a new day. I added a couple of stripes in another shade of ivory to the top to compliment the butterfly paper I chose to put under the glass. Now it looks fresh and ready for spring.

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Debbi said...

SCORE Carrie. Love to see your projects. Jim went to AZ to visit a buddy for 2 weeks, so I have been project crazy. Not that I couldn't have done this with him here, but he would not tolerate the dining room table piled high for this long! And I can keep working without stopping to make dinner....anyway, pop by my blog and see the pie table I just finished. Having so much fun with the larger stuff now that I have a venue to sell at. Most of these new projects are stuff I couldn't sell and ship from the website.

Linda Carole Bloom said...

I love this project! I've had my eye on an Italian curly iron coffee table for only $600. (!!!) - which I can't afford, for quite awhile. BUT - why couldn't I do something like this?? Your table looks wonderful! Thanks for the inspiration

andrea@townandprairie said...

Amazing what some people get rid of! Beautiful redo!

Michele said...

The table looks fantastic. You really have a good eye.

Anonymous said...

Your coffee table turned out lovely! I really like the butterflies under glass. Beautiful job! I'm visiting you from Kammy's Korner. I'm now following and can't wait to see more of your creative redos. Have a wonderful night!

Imageremix said...

Hi Carrie, I found you at Redoux's Friday Feature. What a great story about getting all the stuff for free. It's amazing what you can get with either a little patience, persistence or penny-pinching or all three. How fun! Your table is adorable! Hope you'll stop by "Quirky Vistas" for a look around when you have a chance.


myric andreasen said...

It's taking me forever to plan my coffee table make-over. I think I found my inspiration! Thanks for sharing this :) I really love it!

There is a link party going on in my blog today. I would LOVE for you to share this :)


Helengrey said...

Adorable! So talented. I hope you have time to stop by my blog.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Carrie, you did great! love the lines on this coffeetable and having the butterfly paper under glass just takes it up to a new level of fantastic! thanks for sharing it on VIF!!

Tammy said...

Wow!!!! You got all that for free! Congratulations! Your hubby sounds like a good sport too! Your table is lovely! I love the butterflies. I am your newest follower. I would for you to link this up to my new linky party called Rustic Restorations Weekend. I hope to see you there :)

Karen at said...

I love this! You are amazing! And all that free stuff, wow :)