Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Creative Chaos...And A Chair

Whipping up a quick post in the midst of my creative chaos. Am I the only one who accumulates so many pieces in my to-do pile that it becomes daunting? It's a fine line for me between enough to work on and enough to terrify me.

In addition to the pieces I create for my booth, we are encouraged to also teach classes or workshops in the shop classroom. I recently decided that I would teach my first class. I am planning to hold a vintage chair painting workshop. I have limited it to 8 people and plan to go over the basics of priming, painting, and distressing. In the end they will end up with a finished chair complete with monogram and coffee bag upholstered seat.

Now I don't want to share ALL of my tricks...I don't want to put myself out of business! I'm excited about it, but also horribly nervous. It isn't until September 22nd so I've got some time to get used to the idea. Time to get busy!

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The Polka Dot Closet said...

I know, right now I'm well stocked with projects, I usually run into trouble when I am over loaded with one thing, like to many chairs, or tables and not enough variety. You will do great on the class, hey that's my BD LOL!