Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Falling for the Change of Seasons

The weather has been clear and crisp over the past few days here in Oregon. This is a nod to the days of summer coming to an end and fall moving on in. We barely had a Summer here this year; just a few brief warm stints but not much "open the swimming pool" weather. Fall to me is the perfect medium...dryish weather where you can still accomplish things outside but not sweat while doing it or get drenched in the never ending rain of Winter (this is Oregon after all).

As time rolls on I will share photos of the inside of my home to illustrate this, but I live with the colors of Fall everyday. I love feeling liked I'm wrapped in the visual warmth of gold, terra cotta orange and olivey green. Hand me a warm cup of coffee, my fuzzy slippers, and turn on HGTV and I'm good to go.

So, as I take a day or two to remedy a health situation I reflect on the appreciation I have for Fall, the blowing leaves, the amber sunsets and an excuse to change up the decorating and add some Fall accessories.



The Polka Dot Closet said...

Great fall picture! We had a summer here in Orlando that would not cool off until now, I didn't know there was any place that was cool in the country this last summer. Happy Halloween!

Good luck on my stencil giveaway


artistamyjo said...

Found your blog through Debbi,love what I see so now you have a new follower.

Carrie@comfortablycarriedaway said...

Thank you to Deb for featuring me over at ...I had no idea she was featuring me. Welcome new followers,I hope you like what you see here.

Annette said...

Proud to be follower number 5. I know when I first started my blog I was so excited when people followed it. Like a little kid in a candy store I do believe. good luck with your blog and enjoy seeing what your are doing and will do. Hugs Annette