Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jumping In With Both Feet!

So, this is where it all begins. After many years of gentle prodding from my beloved friend, I enter the land of blogging. I've always done this; creating things I mean. What the heck, I'm not working anymore, I'm crafting, redecorating, shopping for junk to turn into treasures I may as well blog about it during the process, right? I must admit I find myself so inspired reading through the posts of the talented ladies whose blogs I follow (whose links I totally intend to insert here just as soon as I figure out how)...wouldn't it be wonderful if I could inspire someone too? I'm sure I'll stumble a bit along the way but isn't that what we all do when we're trying something new? Here goes nothing!

1 comment:

Tam said...

Carrie - Good for you!!! It inspires me to keep on growing when we see others that share in our same passions. Creating, recreating & blogging about it, is addictive & a blast! The dresser you did was beautiful... I think I'd like to follow along...
Have a great day. Blessings