Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Pallet Bandwagon

I did it, I've jumped on the "use a pallet" bandwagon! I actually live just a short distance from a pallet manufacturer. Usually they have a couple large bins of wood; free for the taking. Many a day I have driven by and thought to myself "I really need to grab some of those". Furniture, signs...the possibilities are endless. I probably have a dozen pictures of projects I've seen on blogs that I have tacked to my inspiration board.

What took me so long? Let's see, wood that I can use to create something to sell and make money? I guess my common sense has been on vacation. Also beneath the gray hair I found this morning, I am blond. Alright, enough excuses...on with the project.

I have a stash of wooden plaques that I buy from time to time at the Goodwill. I make all kinds of things with them. This time I wanted to step outside the box a little. I painted the edges a blue from my stash of oops colors. I used some scraps of of canvas drop cloth and foam from an old lawn chair cushion I tore apart. I used my heat transfer tool and transferred a laser copy of one of my favorite birds from Karen over at the graphicsfairy. I traced around the plaque and cut the oval out of my canvas. I grabbed a scrap of thin luan/plywood from my garage and cut it as well as my foam about 1" smaller in diameter than my fabric.

I wrapped the canvas bird over the foam and stapled it to the back of the luan. I glued the whole thing with some wood glue to my plaque and added some trim. I cut some pieces from my pallet wood and constructed a backer board put together from the back with screws. I added a couple of ivory aged finials and a wire on the back for hanging. The finished product turned out so cute. I even left the nail heads in at the just adds to the character.

If I wasn't addicted to pallet projects before, I sure am now. And...the price is right!

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Tam said...

Nice! Great job! I seem to also have that addiction! Blessings...

Meg said...

I love it Carrie! I have yet to use a pallet for anything, but I keep saying I'm going to.

Well done! Thanks for sharing at Show Off Saturday!

The Cranky Queen said...

Love your pallet upcycle! I am your newest follower. Hope you will visit my blog palace. Tiffany

debra valiante said...

I love it! you are a lady after my own heart I have stashes of oops paint, goodwill finds etc... but this beats my little projects. I'm your newest blog hop fan :)

Robin Lynn said...

Hello Carrie! I love this project - and am so happy I found you over at the Rock N Share ... I'll be exploring your other projects as well. Love the notes you added too - you had me smiling! *new follower*
Come on by and visit my nest on the web! blessings!